Kings Arms Stockland – Garden Makeover Begins

taming the jungle at the heart of stockland!

A big Thank You to all our volunteers who helped at various times throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday last!

Saturday morning in particular was very cold, but the team soon warmed up once the work began!

The picture above shows the state of play before work commenced.

Our Facebook page has more pictures of the work being carried out and the results!

Check it out here:[0]=68.ARBZY3cpUZT5ujx4kvrONGaM-BXmMFievt_sDMxHI5sCqnuCHcEzfiNv1Bec_4m3kmk-eer6hDx09Wuwc8RVkdDn-ICfQqFD8jA_r-anEFanPzCI8NjeysVUK_ipqsirgUhHKfn8WWpgjvFeiyi1pMiZg3lOokRO-J2D-phH1pyfrIrqHwyDHXM0KTP4bYwjCn6_O8eKsrK03aSMof_h3GDnV3WehZ02WLpV9FO_4WTeTmHk3mIYNYPmVZlHcI0Z-huJXC8c5AL14HzlBLGKEoaMGXzdslckyComOx2gij-jp8QuiMlQAMvnoPTTopaRMe9fEVn1BNqQFkKTjnM9iyI&__tn__=-UC-R

Stockland Community Pub Limited is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit
Societies Act 2014 – No. 32191R
Registered Office: Shorms, Shore Bottom, Stockland, Honiton, Devon EX14 9DQ

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