Vision and community benefits

Our vision

Our vision is to buy The Kings Arms for the benefit of the community and to secure its future as a thriving community pub.

Benefiting the community

A community purchase will enable the village to secure and safeguard the pub in perpetuity.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for Stockland and nearby villages and hamlets to strengthen the vibrancy and sustainability of our community. Community purchase would have many benefits, including:

  • Maintaining a place to meet friends and neighbours and improving the sense of community
  • Providing a central point for information on community events and local issues
  • Improvements to the fabric of the building
  • Creating opportunities for local employment
  • Injecting money into the local economy
  • Providing a hospitality venue for local groups, tourists, weddings and funerals
  • Helping to sustain local property prices
  • Potentially providing additional community services

A community purchase will enable the Kings Arms to be More than a Pub for Stockland and the surrounding area.

Potential added amenities:

  • Shop: It may be feasible have a local shop facility within the pub to sell daily essentials.
  • Café: Stockland has always attracted walkers and cyclists, being ideally situated within the Blackdown Hills AONB. The village also benefits from having an excellent Primary Academy. We believe that the pub could offer morning coffee and/or afternoon teas providing an inclusive amenity for people who live locally and for visitors.
  • Additional amenities: A community pub can offer simple but valuable amenities such as a collection and delivery point for a range of retailers, pub sports such as skittles darts and dominoes, a book exchange, and occasional wine, ale and food tastings. Regular community lunches/evening meals could also be offered. Folk, jazz and ‘open-mic’ evenings are also a possibility.
  • Aspirational future amenities: Once the core pub business and extended amenities are established successfully, and providing the right individuals come forward with a robust business plan, we might be able to provide facilities on site for a microbrewery, or an ‘artisan’ bakery. These would help to bring more visitors to the village and will boost the local economy.