Vision and community benefits

Our vision

Our vision is to preserve The Kings Arms for the benefit of the community and to ensure its future as a thriving community pub.

Benefiting the community

Community ownership enables the village to secure and safeguard the pub in perpetuity.

This represents a fantastic and ongoing opportunity for Stockland and nearby villages and hamlets to strengthen the vibrancy and sustainability of our community.

As a Community Benefit Society, we continuously encourage our tenant to:

  • Provide a place to meet friends and neighbours and help to improve social cohesion.
  • Become a central point for information on community events and local issues.
  • Maintain and improve the fabric of the building.
  • Create opportunities for local employment.
  • Boost the local economy by buying and selling locally sourced produce.
  • Provide a hospitality venue for local groups, tourists, weddings and funerals etc.

Community ownership of the Kings Arms allows it to be More than a Pub for Stockland and the surrounding area.

Despite the impact of Covid-19, our tenant Ben Walker (pictured above) has introduced new social amenities in the form of :

  • Live music every Sunday afternoon. 
  • Good coffee served in the relaxing lounge.
  • Support for local charitable initiatives.
  • Providing a ‘shop window’ for local produce.
  • Return of the skittles leagues with regular games three nights a week.
  • The skittle alley is also used as a venue for parties and hosting the Young Farmers.
  • Hosting  local social groups such as the Book Club and Tennis Club.