Vision and community benefits

Our vision

Our vision is to preserve The Kings Arms for the benefit of the community and to ensure its future as a thriving community pub.

Benefiting the community

Community ownership enables the village to secure and safeguard the pub in perpetuity.

This represents a fantastic and ongoing opportunity for Stockland and nearby villages and hamlets to strengthen the vibrancy and sustainability of our community.

We continuously encourage the tenants to:

  • Provide a place to meet friends and neighbours and help to improve social cohesion.
  • Become a central point for information on community events and local issues.
  • Maintain and improve the fabric of the building.
  • Create opportunities for local employment.
  • Boost the local economy by buying and selling locally sourced produce.
  • Provide a hospitality venue for local groups, tourists, weddings and funerals etc.

Community ownership of the Kings Arms allows it to be More than a Pub for Stockland and the surrounding area.

Our tenants are already starting to introduce new social amenities in the form of :

  • Fortnightly music evenings, including both ticketed and free events; occasional live theatre events. 
  • Introduction of cafe facilities (planned for late spring/summer 2020).
  • All day Saturday brunch (planned for Easter 2020).
  • Quiz evenings and Community evenings (planned for late spring/summer 2020).
  • The skittle alley has already been used as a venue for a birthday party event in February 2020, and more locals are looking to make use of it. Additionally, for the 2020-21 season, the alley will be available for use by skittles teams in the various local leagues.

Potential added amenities:

SCPL are looking at the feasibility of introducing further community services based in the upper floor of the barn. Some of the ideas being considered are:

  • Community Shop: Does Stockland need one, who will staff it and who will use it? 
  • Artisan Bakery: Is there the appetite for good quality bread, cakes and maybe pizzas? Such a facility will need to sit alongside the pub business and not be a rival.
  • Pop-up-office/meeting room: Some small/single person businesses, especially if they are home based, might wish to hire office facilities by the hour for meetings/conferences etc. This would provide an opportunity for our tenants to provide coffee etc. This would also allow the space to be used for educational activities such as music lessons, foreign language classes etc.
  • Additional amenities: A community hub can offer simple but valuable amenities such as a collection and delivery point for a range of retailers.