Become A Member

“A village without a pub is like a scone without cream”

Everyone agrees that a village with a pub is a better place to live. The pub is a social hub, meeting place for clubs and societies, venue for music and events, and a place to celebrate special occasions.

Stockland would have lost The King’s Arms Inn in 2013 were it not for a dedicated band of volunteers backed by over 270 local investors who created Stockland Community Pub Limited (SCPL), bought the pub on behalf of the community in perpetuity (for ever!), appointed a tenant and re-opened it in 2020. SCPL now needs YOU to help keep the pub a vibrant and vital part of the village for us all.

Why become a member?

Day to day the pub is run by Ben and the rest of his amazing team.  The Management Committee is elected from the membership and acts as custodian, defining the pub’s purpose and managing it over the long term for the benefit of locals and visitors like.

It is not by chance that we have such a great pub in Stockland.  There are sadly too many examples of villages which have lost their pubs.  Ours needs attention, little and often, to make sure that over the long term it remains the amazing community asset you see today.

By becoming a member we want you to engage with the pub, vote on proposals brought by the Management Committee and consider standing to serve on it at some point.

  • It costs just £100 for membership of SCPL and owning a share of this precious pub
  • Fresh, new membership will keep SCPL current
  • The more people involved in stewardship the better
  • You can have your voice heard in future decisions by voting at the Annual Members meeting
  • You can lend your skills as needed and stand for the Management Committee if you wish

This is YOUR pub. Please join us!

How do I join?

To join us simply download the share application form from the link below and then:

  • Complete Parts 1 and 2 (mandatory) and Part 3 (optional) if you wish
  • Make a payment of £100 by cheque or bank transfer to Stockland Community Pub Limited (bank details on the application form)
  • Return the completed and signed form to The Secretary, Stockland Community Pub Limited, Shorms, Stockland, Honiton Devon EX14 9DQ

Please also read the Governance Rules for Members at the link below.

Download a membership application form here:

Download our Society’s Governance Rules here:

Click to access Version-6-approved-Model-Rules-Stockland-Community-Pub-Limited-May-2023.pdf


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who can apply for membership?

A1. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member subject to acceptance by the Management Committee. Joint membership is not allowed. Organisations (such as clubs) can become members and they need to nominate an individual to represent them at members meetings.

Q2. Can I apply for more or less than £100 of shares?

A2. NO. At the current time, and in accordance with the legislation governing Community Benefit Societies, the investment is restricted to the amount required to become a member (£100). If, in the future, SCPL requires new capital to fund a specific project, a Share Offer Document will be published along with a business case allowing potential investors to make an informed decision before buying more shares.

Q3. Can I cash in or transfer my shares?

A3. Shares can currently only be redeemed under limited circumstances (bereavement or bankruptcy). SCPL has Governance Rules which set out the way the society operates under the framework of the Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Any withdrawals are entirely at the behest of the Management Committee as per the Governance Rules for members. There is no market for trading shares in SCPL or any other community benefit society.  You should view your £100 investment as a long term commitment to your local community.

Q4. Will I get interest on my shares?

A4. NO. Although our Governance Rules allow for a modest amount of interest to be paid to shareholders, the Management Committee believes we are not in a financial position to allow this currently. However, it is hoped that when the finances are sufficiently strong that a small interest payment may be possible. As with withdrawals, the SCPL Management Committee is responsible for determining if interest can be paid in any given year, and the interest rate applicable.

Q5. Can I stand for the Management Committee?

A5. YES – members are encouraged to stand for the committee and help undertake the various functions and activities necessary to keep the society viable and the Kings Arms in the village. Elections to the committee are held annually around the Annual Members Meeting.

Q6. If I have 100 shares does that mean I have 100 votes?

A6. NO – voting is “one member – one vote” irrespective of the number of shares held.