Stockland Community Pub Limited – Kings Arms Update 2nd July 2019

Calor Rural Community Fund

 The bad news is that despite the best efforts of our supporters, we unfortunately did not receive enough votes to qualify for the final selection process, so we have missed out on this potential grant source. 


Better news is that are making good progress with the renovations, but please bear in mind we are a group of passionate volunteers rather than an experienced team of full-time professionals, and we are undertaking a large and complex project under a good deal of public scrutiny!

This progress is thanks to our amazing volunteers and carefully selected contractors – as we need to control spending within a tight budget it takes time to be sure we are getting good value before committing financially. 

If you want to help, please come forward.  Whatever your skills, we will find you something useful to do!  Email and we will get back to you. 

Search for a Tenant

We were approached by a potential tenant team in January 2019 who applied to us specifically as we are a Community Pub.  Discussions continued for several weeks, however (and somewhat disappointingly), they withdrew shortly after Easter.

In May we engaged an agent and thereby started a process which has yielded around 3 or 4 enquiries a day which the agent is carefully vetting.

New Management Committee Member

We are delighted to announce that Brian Johnson has been co-opted onto the Committee.  Brian has been a key volunteer to date giving a huge amount of his time and knowledge, as well as providing materials to the project over the last few months. 

Opening date

Experience has taught us not to commit to a specific date, however we are working hard to get the pub ready to open as soon as possible.

Stockland Community Pub Limited is a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit
Societies Act 2014 – No. 32191R
Registered Office: Shorms, Shore Bottom, Stockland, Honiton, Devon EX14 9DQ

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